Just Jane: Snobbery cost me my rich guy and now I regret it

MY best friend’s husband has just made his second million – and I’m so jealous and angry I can hardly bring myself to talk to her.

The thing is that I used to go out with this bloke in college. He was obsessed with me and constantly asked me to marry him. But I dismissed him as a boring geek and treated him like dirt.The day I finally broke up with him he cried like a baby and I actually thought it was quite funny and laughed in his face. My best mate told me that I was wicked and cruel and a month later I discovered that they were dating.

The rest, as they say, is history. He graduated, got a brilliant job and is now the proud owner of a fantastic house and classic car, plus large fortune.

They’ve just flown to Australia, first class, for an extended holiday and I know that she got diamond earrings and a designer handbag under the tree.

Plus, she claims that he’s now absolutely phenomenal in bed after they both attended a two-week tantric sex workshop in Los Angeles.

Unsurprisingly, my mate is like the cat that got the cream and all I can do is silently seethe. You see, this is the story of my life. I’m a terrible snob and my own worst enemy.

I always think that the grass is greener on the other side of the dumped a guy just before his mother died and he inherited her massive house.

Now I’m sitting in my tiny flat, staring at my four walls thinking: “Am I ever going to make something of myself?” I’m 32 and beginning to feel increasingly alone.

JANE SAYS: “The fact is that no one in this world is without fault.”We all have our own foibles. You can’t honestly expect to go out with a guy and find that he’s practically perfect in ever way. That’s unrealistic and, quite frankly rather childish.

The good news is that you accept that you’re overly fussy and idealistic.

The bad news is that you’re never going to find Mr Absolutely Right, because he doesn’t exist. Just as you’re not going to be anyone’s Mrs Absolutely Right, because you’re not ideal either.

Of course it’s sickening that your best friend is dating your ex-bloke, who is now seriously loaded, but I get the impression that both have had to work very hard to get where they are today – both in terms of their careers and their relationships es, your friend is having a great life and reaping the rewards, but I’m sure she’d be the first to admit that her husband often drives her round the bend – and vice versa.

I suggest you start 2015 by accepting that all human beings come warts and all. If you’re seriously looking for love, companionship and cash, then start being a lot less judgmental and a lot more willing to compromise.