25+ Of The Most Unbelievably Smart Things Animals Have Done That Surprised People

People teach their pets how to sit or even ride a skateboard, but they learn many things on their own, too. Bored Panda has collected a list of the times animals have proved their incredible intelligence, and they prove that evolution is never over. From a cat that made itself a one-of-a-kind bed to a group of bees that saved one of their own from drowning, these creatures have perfectly adapted to the changing world and their species are lucky to have them. Let’s just hope their genes are passed onto future generations, as well.

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This is not worryingly smart…more like, I’m here today because of my cat. I had just arrived home from school as an eleven-year-old. Nobody else was home. The cat always trotted towards the kitchen since I always fed her as soon as I got home. That day I had just bought a giant gobstopper (it was the 80’s) and somehow inhaled the thing about three steps inside the house. The cat halfway trotted to the kitchen, heard me make the weird sound of a giant ball of candy lodging in my throat and stopped to turn around and look at me…looked me straight in the eye very focused like. I knew I was fucked…couldn’t breathe in, couldn’t cough and hadn’t learned the self Heimlich maneuver yet (throwing yourself on a chair back). I sort of sat heavily on a nearby couch starting to panic. Well, the cat, with the very focused stare still in effect, charged at me…full cat sprint… and jumped hard on my stomach and out popped the gobstopper. I started sort of crying from the release of stress. The cat started purring and curled up in my lap. She saved her boy.

informativebitching Report

My cat liked to sleep under a lamp I had on my floor because of the warmth. But the light was bright, so he knocked down an empty trash can and put his head under it. But the trash can was hard-sided, so he dragged a sock over from the dirty clothes pile and used it as a pillow.

I came home to find him like this.

StarManta Report

I have two very fat cats. One of them purrs at every touch while the other only purrs for my boyfriend. People will pet him, but he never ever purrs unless my boyfriend is petting him. He is a fairly smart cat and will lay next to us if we’re feeling sick, I think so that we may feel better. This cat’s name is Shade.

One day, I was extremely depressed. I couldn’t get out of bed because what was the point? I silently sobbed to myself the whole night and the next morning, worried about the future.

And then I felt the weight of my cat hopping onto the bed. It was Shade. He very unexpectedly walked right up to my face and sat down next to me. I reached out to touch him.

He purred. He purred for me. He had never purred for anyone else before. It was that moment that I knew he knew something was wrong and he wanted me to feel better, however way he could do it. He knew it wasn’t physical illness, but something deeper. He thought that maybe if he could convey that I make him feel good, that I would feel better. It worked; I suddenly felt that even if the whole world was against me, I still had him by my side.

I love my cats.

VodkaSmizmar Report

Bees are…not so smart when it comes to not drowning. You keep their water bowl shallow and with rough edges and lots of rocks in it for standing on, but some still fall in.

So one day I see a drowning lady in the water dish and I’m about to scoop her out when I see two others save her instead.

The two bees were on one of the rocks and they faced one another and held each other’s legs, then and as a unit, backed down the rock until the farthest bee’s back legs were in reach of the drowning bee. She grabbed on, then as a unit they scooted back up the rock until she was outta the water, then they helped her dry off.

Bees are amazing and fascinating and I’ve seen some cool shit in a hive, but that right there was next level awesome.

heinleinfan Report

I made a crow friend while smoking on the porch. I gave it fragments of whatever food I could find on the way out. One day, I found an empty pack of Marb on the porch. Puzzled, but I threw it away. A few days later, I found my crow bro standing behind 3 empty packs of cigarettes. I tried to pick them to throw away, but the crow bro was protecting them for some reason. Frustrated, but I gave it a small chunk of meat as I took another drag. As I gave it the meat, the crow picked up one of the packs and placed it in front of me. Then, it hit me: the crow is trading with me. The trade went on for few more times until the winter hit Minnesota.

TL;dr; a crow traded cigarette packaging for food with me.

Asiansensationz Report

I worked at a pet store.

We had a guard dog. Mean looking pit bull dog.

When customers would show up before the store opened and bang on the door to get in, the owner would say “Sic ’em Butch” and the dog would run out of the back, barking and snarling, and slam into the front door glass till the customer went away and waited for the store to open.

One day, I was in the back of the store, and a customer came rapping on the front glass to get in early. Nobody was in the retail area of the store, the dog was in the back and didn’t hear the rapping… But, the store mascot parrot was on his perch in the front of the store, and suddenly, called out, “Sic, em Butch!”

The dog came running, snarling and chased the customer away.

no humans were involved inside the store.

I just sat in amazement as I watched the whole thing.

flargenhargen Report

I had a cat that learned how to open the fridge, and then my dog started begging my cat for food. And then the cat started getting into the fridge just to feed the dog.

I patiently await the day where my pets decide to overthrow me and have me fixed. I’m not fighting it, that’ll only make it worse in the long run.

wererat2000 Report

I had a German Shepherd-Chow mix who was incredibly smart and loyal. She was a rescue our family picked up from a shelter when she was about 8 months old. Her name was Jazz, and I have never seen another like her.

When my brother was about two years old, he learned to unlock and open doors. We had a fenced in backyard with a large pool. We did have a sturdy cover on the pool at this time because it was dead of winter, but some water seeped on top of the cover, like most covers, if you were to try to walk across it.

One day, my brother opened the back door and headed straight for the pool. The lady who helped clean our house saw what was happening through the window over the sink. She screamed, and we all ran outside to go get him. What we saw was my wonderful dog stand in front of him, gently take his hand in her mouth and lead him away from the pool.

She was incredible.

step_back_girl Report

There was crow who would drop walnuts on the road waiting for cars to run them over. It would then wait at the crosswalk with people for the light to change. When it would it would walk over and eat the broken walnut.

SteroidSandwich Report

There was a flock of little birds outside of a French bakery in California. They would pick at bits of scones and croissants people threw away in the trash cans nearby, and many of them would approach people for scraps. We noticed one particular bird hopping around on one leg begging for scraps, and we gave it a little bit of our bread. As soon as it had the bit of food in its beak, I swear to god it looked right at me and dropped its other leg to the ground.

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